Fat Freezing in Manchester

The best fat freezing clinics in Manchester Book at the best local clinics to achieve the body goal you dream about now. This guide is based on real user reviews and expert analytics. We have searched to help you get safe and effective fat freezing in Manchester. 

List of Top Fat Freezing Providers in Manchester 

1. Este Medical 

Address: Isher House, 2A Michigan Ave, Salford M50 2GY, United Kingdom

Fat Freezing in Manchester

Este Medical Group in Manchester offers a fat freezing procedure, and the results are excellent. The cutting-edge fat-freezing procedure allows you to lose excess fat, increase your confidence, and wear your desired clothes. It will definitely change the way you feel about your body forever. In addition, the fat freezing treatment is painless and safe. The clinic utilizes the CoolTech® procedure, scientifically developed in Europe, to remove stubborn fat from your desired areas. 

  • Non-Surgical Liposuction
  • Pricing starts at £150
  • Achieve great results within one to three sessions! 

2. Dolly & Dimple’s Cosmetic & Skincare Specialists

Fat Freezing in Manchester

Address: 2 Copson Street, Manchester, M20 3HE

Dolly & Dimple’s Cosmetic & Skincare Specialists offer their services to the residents of Manchester and the nearby areas. The fat freezing treatments include different body areas and start at £70. In addition, the clinic offers clients 3D lipo fat cavitation and no-needle dissolving fat treatments. The team is very professional, well-trained, and experienced in the latest fat freezing technologies.  

3. Dermoaesthetics

Fat Freezing in Manchester

Address: The Rose And Crown Business Centre 27 King Street Delph Village Oldham, OL3 5DH

Dermoaesthetics Clinic offers its services to the residents of Delph Village, Oldham, and the surrounding areas in Manchester. Noninvasive fat-freezing treatments are cheaper and safer than surgical procedures. That’s why liposuction is today’s most popular body-shaping treatment in Manchester and worldwide. The treatment includes using ultrasound, radio frequency, laser techniques, and cryolipolysis to dissolve fat safely and effectively. Treatments differ in terms of how well they work, potential side effects, discomfort or pain they could cause, and the number of sessions needed.

4. Serene Skin & Beauty

178 Cross St, Sale, M33 7AQ 

Fat Freezing in Manchester

Serene Skin & Beauty combines lipo freeze and ultrasound cavitation during the session to give you the best results. Fat-freezing pricing starts at £49.30. The treatment is done without pain, without needles, and effectively. 

They offer fat freezing sessions for the following body areas: 

  1. Front: upper and lower Abs, flanks, inner & outer thighs and male chest.
  2. Back: upper arm, upper and lower back, flanks, buttocks, and inner & outer thighs.

Your therapist applies a device to the treated body part, bringing the temperature down to about -5°C. Your undesirable fat cells subsequently freeze and die as a result of this. Although only one treatment is necessary, benefits won’t be apparent for 6 to 12 weeks because it takes the body several months to wash out the dead fat cells.


Does fat freezing actually work?

Yes. Clinical studies showed that cryolipolysis reduce subcutaneous fat at the treatment site by up to 25% after one fat freezing treatment. Improvements were seen in 86% of treated subjects. At 73%, the patient satisfaction rate is higher than other noninvasive lipolysis technologies, which makes it one of the best treatments for fast results. Generally, fat freezing is a very safe method for body shaping.

How long do fat-freezing results last?

The results vary from one person to another. But, in general, the fat freezing treatment shows results that last for years. A 2016 study even found that the effects can last for 6–9 years. 

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