4 Best CoolSculpting Clinics in Manchester

Best CoolSculpting Clinics

The Top CoolSculpting Clinics in Manchester

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1. Serene Skin & Beauty


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Serene Skin & Beauty Clinic offers CoolSculpting and bodyshaping services to its clients in Manchester. Coolsculpting is an effective solution to reduce fat without surgery. The fat cells are frozen, reducing unwanted flab and leaving your body with a sculpted and toned appearance. This procedure is also entirely non-invasive, and you can do your normal exercises within 24 hours. The treatment session is painless without needles. Coolsculpting for one area starts at £49.30. 


2. The private clinic


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Business Description 

The Private Clinic are experts in CoolSculpting, nonsurgical noninvasive fat removal, and liposuction. By providing multiple body shaping or fat removal choices it can provide patients with the best choices while ensuring that they receive genuine guidance on which procedure will be most effective for them. No other clinics offers this complete approach, so its fat reduction method can be customised particularly for your personal needs. Established in 1983, for over 40 years The Private Clinic helped patients in Manchester. 

3. SkinViva Clinic


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Business Description 

SkinViva Clinic Clinic is based in Manchester. The procedure involves targeting stubborn regions of fat that can be frustratingly resistant to toning even with a good diet and sufficient exercise is the main goal of CoolSculpting. Scientists at Harvard University have devised a method that includes freezing fat cells without harming the skin’s surface. SkinViva team is very professional. They look at the problem area through your eyes and discuss the best solution. Miranda Atkins is the SkinViva director with huge knowledge of the beauty science. 

4. Thérapie Clinic


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Business Description 

Thérapie Clinic offers its bodyshaping services to the cliens in Manchester and nearby areas. CoolSculpting® is a non invasive procedure to get rid of stubborn fat. You will only need to have a healthy diet and exercise to keep your amazing results permanently.  Cryolipolysis is the science behind CoolSculpting®, which successfully freezes resistant fat cells in selected body regions. Fat cells freeze at temperatures higher than the tissues around them. Coolsculpting pricing starts at £249 for two courses. Most patients notice the results after 2 and 6 months following their CoolSculpting sessions.

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