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Top CoolSculpting Clinics in The UK


lonodon laser

Thérapie Clinic

Address: 47 & 49 Wigmore St, London W1U 1PS

laser hair removal

Pulse Light

Aesthetics Lab

Artistry clinic logo

Artistry Clinic

Address: 33-34 Bury St, London EC3A 5AR


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Serene Skin & Beauty

the private clinic Manchester logo

The private clinic

Address: 25 St John St, Manchester M3 4DT, United Kingdom


Cosmex clinic

1. Cosmex Clinic

the private clinic Manchester logo

The Body Work Clinic

Address: Ground Floor, Lower, 7 Brooklands Ave, Cambridge CB2 8BB

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What to expect after the first CoolSculpting session?

In many cases, CoolSculpting treatment was found to reduce subcutaneous fat by 25% after just one treatment session. You may experience numbness, tingling, or temporary loss of sensation in the treated area after the first CoolSculpting session.  Don’t worry, it is totally normal as a result of the cooling process and typically resolves on its own over time.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting can vary depending on a variety of variables, including the treatment area, the required number of sessions, the location, and the particular clinic or provider. The CoolSculpting treatment is priced by session. Here is the average pricing of CoolSculpting per session: 



1 Cycle


2 Cycles


3 Cycles


4 Cycles


5 Cycles


6 Cycles


7 Cycles


8 Cycles


9 Cycles


10 Cycles


12 Cycles


16 Cycles


What not to do after CoolSculpting?

Here are some important things to avoid after your session: 

  • Avoid direct heat after your CoolSculpting session, as it might cause strain 
  • Avoid excessive exercise or weight lifting after the session.
  •  Do not massage or manipulate the treated area. The skin may be sensitive or tender after CoolSculpting. 
  • Don’t apply excessive heat or cold: Avoid applying ice packs, heating pads, or any extreme temperatures to the treated skin area. It’s important to allow the body to heal without interference naturally.
  • Don’t rush into additional treatments: While CoolSculpting can provide noticeable results, it’s important to give your body time to respond and for the full effects to be visible.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

The full results of the CoolSculpting procedure may not be seen for several weeks after the session as it is a progressive cosmetic procedure. Be patient, and follow up with your doctor if you have any concerns or follow-up sessions.

What do I need to know before CoolSculpting?

  1. Choose a trusted CoolSculpting provider – by reading the online reviews of the clinics and comparing different clinics to find the right clinic for your needs. 
  2. Schedule a Consultation – many clinics offer consultation sessions before the session to discuss your goals, concerts, and medical history. The doctor will evaluate your eligibility for CoolSculpting and create a customised treatment plan based on your body’s needs.
  3. Discuss Expectations – Be clear about your expectations with the CoolSculpting provider. Understand the potential outcomes and how long it may take to see results. 
  4. Consider Your Budget –  CoolSculpting is an elective cosmetic procedure, and many insurance providers don’t cover it. Understand the costs involved, including the number of treatment cycles required, and consider your budget before proceeding.
  5. Discuss Your Medical History: Inform the provider about any medical conditions, allergies, or medications you are taking. Certain medical conditions or medications may impact your eligibility for CoolSculpting.

How many sessions of CoolSculpting do I need?

Your personal goals, the area being treated, the quantity of fat present, and how your body reacts to the CoolSculpting procedure will determine how many sessions of CoolSculpting you need. A CoolSculpting provider will evaluate your condition during the consultation session and suggest the number of sessions required for the best outcomes. Here are the types of CoolSculpting programs: 

  1. Single Session –  Depending on the size of the treated area and the amount of fat present, a single CoolSculpting session may be all that is necessary to get the desired outcomes.
  2. Many procedures – To successfully target and decrease fat in larger areas, many people need several CoolSculpting sessions. In most cases, 2 to 3 sessions are required for the best outcomes.
  3. Staggered Treatments – In some cases, gaps between CoolSculpting treatments may be planned to allow for the full benefits of the procedure to be assessed before determining whether additional sessions are required or not. This strategy enables your healthcare professional to evaluate your progress and modify the treatment plan as necessary.
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