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Best Laser Hair Removal Clincs in The UK

Top Laser Hair Removal Clinics in the UK


lonodon laser

Simply Laser Hair Removal & Skin Clinic

Address: 4 Streatham St, London WC1A 1JB

laser hair removal

Pulse Light Clinic

Address: 5 Percy St, London W1T 1DG 

london laser hair removal

Premier Laser & Skin Soho Clinic

Address: 177 Wardour St, London W1F 8WX

laser clinic london 1

London Laser Clinic

Address: 12, Laser Clinic, Holmstall Ave, Burnt Oak Broadway, London HA8 5HX


laser hair removal clinic

New Era Skin Aesthetics

Address: 82 King St, Manchester M2 4WQ 

skin laser clinic


Address: 7 St James’s Square, Manchester M2 6DN

the laser club

The Laser Club

Address: Boombae, 480 Chester Rd, Manchester M16 9HE, United Kingdom

laser hair removal ND Skinclinic

ND Skin Clinic

Address: 245 Bury Old Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1JE

Este medical clinic logo

Este Medical Group

Old Hall, Elmete Hall, Elmete Ln, Leeds LS8 2LJ, United Kingdom


SkinLuxe Clinic

16-20 Regent Street, Leeds LS2 7QA, United Kingdom

skindeep logo

Skin Deep Laser and Beauty Clinic 

84 Otley Rd, Headingley, Leeds LS6 4BA, United Kingdom

laser hair removal clinic logo

Laser Clinics UK 

Address Unit 4/11, Trinity, Shopping Centre, Leeds LS1 5AY, United Kingdom



Envie Clinics

Address 271 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9NB

LA Skin Laser Clinic

Address 38 Calthorpe Rd, Birmingham B15 1TS


Serene Beauty Laser Clinic

Address Serene Beauty Laser Clinic, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 5HJ


Bliss Beauty Studio

Address 465 Bearwood Rd, Bearwood, Birmingham, Smethwick B66 4DH


metro clinic

Metro Laser Clinic

948 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G14 9UQ

Tina o'doherty

Tina O’Dohertys

ever clinic logo

Ever Clinic

Clinic 21

Address 21 Rutland Pl, Plantation Square, Glasgow G51 1TA

Top Laser Hair Removal Clinics from Other Locations

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Is laser hair removal permanent in the UK?

The short answer is no. Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent results in the UK. However, it gives you long-lasting results. Laser hair removal is often referred to as a long-term hair reduction method rather than a permanent solution. While it can significantly reduce hair growth, it may not eliminate all hair permanently. In the UK, laser hair removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

How much does full-body laser hair removal cost in UK?

Full-body laser hair removal costs around £500 for a single treatment and £1700 for 4 laser hair removal sessions or more. We recommend booking a consultation session with a specialized doctor before booking a laser hair removal appointment at a clinic to make sure that the treatment is tailored to your needs.

How many laser sessions do you need?

The results vary from one person to another. Most people need at least 4 to 6 sessions, and they notice a big difference from the 3rd laser hair removal session. Just be patient and make sure you do your laser appointments on time to maximise your hair removal results!

What is the best laser hair removal machine in the clinic?

Each machine has pros and cons. Your technician will advise you regarding which laser hair removal machine is best for your skin tone and hair colour. He might also suggest doing a skin test before your first session.

How do I prepare for a laser hair removal appointment?

  • Shave the area at least 12–24 hours before your laser hair removal appointment
  • Avoid direct sun exposure at least 14 days before your laser hair removal appointment, as laser treatments can’t be performed on tanned skin.
  • Ensure your skin is free of any products that may interact with the laser or affect the treatment negatively. It’s best to avoid topical creams, moisturisers, elixirs, perfumes, and lotions on the area being treated 24 hours before your laser appointment.
  • Shave the area you are going to treat for 24-48 hours before laser treatment. You should ensure no hair remains in the area to get the most out of your laser hair removal session.
  • For shaving the bikini area, as it is very sensitive, you should allow some time for any irritation from shaving to subside.
  • Avoid waxing and epilating before your laser treatment.
  • Pick loose, breathable clothing to avoid irritation in the area treated after your laser treatment session.

How often should I have laser hair removal?

Most people have laser hair removal treatments at 4-6-week intervals. Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal results. The frequency of your laser sessions depends on your hair thickness, hair growth cycle, skin type, and the area being treated. For example, you may need to have a laser session to remove facial hair every 4 weeks and every 6 weeks for your legs and arms. Each area of the body has a different growth cycle from one area to another and from one person to another. That’s why some people may see quicker results than others. We recommend doing laser hair removal sessions for 6 months and then doing maintenance laser treatments every 2 to 4 months for long-lasting results.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Safe and effective technology – Laser therapists at clinics use professional laser machines, which are very effective. There are many laser machines, such as the Candela GentleLASE Pro, which is made for people with dark hair and lighter skin. On the other hand, the GentleYAG Pro works best on people with darker skin. The therapist can help create the best treatment plan using the most suitable laser machine for your skin tone and hair type.
  • Permanently slows hair growth – Up to 90% of your hair will be gone if you get the right number of treatments for your hair and skin. The hair that does grow back will be much finer and less likely to grow back often. This will keep your face smooth for longer. Most people need 4-8 sessions at least to get visible, long-lasting hair removal results.
  • Reduce ingrown hairs – you won’t have to shave as often, which will cut down on rashes and a brittle beard. Also, waxing less will cut down on ingrown hairs.
  • Saves you time and money – The average woman spends £6500 on razors and 8 weeks of her life shaving, so it’s a good long-term investment.
  • Better skin tone and texture – Shaving or waxing the same area over and over can make the skin discolour and tone unevenly. This is less likely to happen after laser hair removal.
  • An effect that is good for the world – The average woman puts away 2400 razors throughout her lifetime. Each year, about 2 billion razors that can’t be recycled end up in landfills. If we switch to laser hair removal, that bad effect on our planet will be greatly reduced.

Can I have laser hair removal over a tattoo?

No, it is unsafe to have laser hair removal over a tattoo. Laser hair removal machines might not be able to differentiate between the hair and the skin. It could potentially lead to skin burns, blisters, or skin damage. You should cover your tattoo during the laser treatment. 

Types of Laser Hair Removal Machines in The UK

Here are the most common types of laser hair removal machines which are used in the UK: 

1. Diode Laser – it is commonly used for laser hair removal. It emits a concentrated beam of light that is well-absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, effectively damaging them.
2. Nd:YAG Laser – it is suitable for various skin types, including darker skin tones, as they have a longer wavelength that penetrates deeper into the skin.
3. Alexandrite Laser –  it is effective for hair removal and is known for its relatively fast treatment sessions. It works well for individuals with fair to olive skin tones.
4. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Device – While IPL is not technically a laser, IPL device is an effective method to remove unwanted hair. It emits a broad spectrum of light, targeting melanin in the hair follicles. IPL device is generally considered less precise than lasers.
5. Ruby Laser – it is one of the first lasers used for hair removal. However, it is less commonly used now due to the development of newer and more effective laser technologies.

Knowing which machine ought to be used for your skin can help you search for clinics using those machines as well as put your mind at ease. Specific laser hair removal models include:

  • Soprano XL. Diode Laser
  • Lumina – Wavelength Variable
  • Lumenis UK Ltd
  • GentleLASE. Alexandrite, 755 nm
  • Energist Group
  • iPulse
  • Ellipse Multiflex – IPL, Nd: YAG
  • Elite MPX. Nd: YAG, Alaxandrite
  • GentleYAG. Nd: YAG
  • Coolglide from Cutera. 1064 nm, Nd: Yag
  • Polaris. 1064 Long Pulsed Nd: YAG
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