Lip Filler in Southampton

The world of lip fillers has expanded, and there are so many styles you can get fuller, natural-looking Lips with Classic Lips Technique.

And you can get much fuller, defined Lips with a flat side profile when you choose Russia Lips! Or you can get Hybrid Lips, a mixture between Classic and Russian Lips, to create fuller and more defined lips. All of these Lip Filler choices you can get in Southampton, and I’ll tell you the best Clinics for it!

Top Lip Filler Clinics

Best Lip Filler Clinics in Southampton

1. Rachael Katie Clinic


Google rating 4.9 /5 (112).

Business Description 

If you are looking for a unique clinic for lip fillers in Southampton, the Rachael Katie Clinic is waiting for you! The Clinic offers you high-quality treatment with a team that has experience for over 8 years. The main Aesthetics Practitioner is Rachael Katie, who is a professional in the Lip Filler world. The price of Lip Filler in Rachael Katie Clinic starts from £150.

Danica Payne Aesthetics & Dental

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2. Danica Payne Aesthetics & Dental


Google rating 5 /5 (427).

Business Description 

Danica Payne Clinic is open to the residents of Southampton. The clinic has won multiple awards, including “Best Aesthetic Clinic South of England 2021 & 2022”.The Clinic offers you different Lip Filler techniques with long-lasting results that last for 12-24 months! Get your pain-free Lip Filler by adding a dental block for only £15 with Danica Payne Clinic. 

3. Rejuvenate Aesthetics Clinic


Google rating 5 /5 (126).

Business Description 

You will get natural lips with the Rejuvenate Aesthetics Clinic in Southampton. The Clinic uses “Teoxane,” the best Dermal Filler brand in the market. You will be treated by Jasmine, one of the most skilled nurses in the UK! The price of Restore (0.7ml) is £195, and The price of Enhance (1ml) is £250 in Rejuvenate Aesthetics Clinic.

4. Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic


Google rating 5 /5 (66).

Business Description 

Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic gives you trustworthy and outstanding solutions in Southampton. The Clinic is run by Caroline, who is an excellent registered nurse. They offer you different options of Lip Filler, like Russian and Classic Lips. The 1ml Lip Filler treatment will take 90 minutes for £210. 

5. Nuyu aesthetics


Google rating 5 /5 (103).

Business Description 

Carna will make your lips look beautiful at the best Lip Filler Clinic in Southampton! If you’re not good with needles, it’s okay. Carna will help you and give you the best care. Nuyu aesthetics offers you Classical Lip Filler (0.5,1.1ml), Russian Lip Filler (1.1ml), and Russian Hybrid (0.5ml and thicker filler). With a price starts from £165.00.

6. sk:n


Google rating 4.5 /5 (132).

Business Description 

Sk:n Southampton East Street is one of the UK’s leading skin clinics that provide services for Southampton residents. The Clinic has treated over 2 million customers and has 30 years of experience in the skincare field! You’ll start seeing the results immediately after the treatment. Get your consultation and 0.55ml Lip Filler treatment for £199 in Sk:n Clinic.

7. Danielle Rose Aesthetics & Academy


Google rating 5 /5 (217).

Business Description 

If you tried Danielle Rose Aesthetics & Academy in Southampton once, you wouldn’t go elsewhere! Danielle is so professional and friendly. And you’ll get plump and perfect lips! The Clinic offers you Russian, Baby Doll, and Jolie Lips. The price of the 0.55ml Lip Filler treatment starts from £150. 

Other Beauty Clinics in Southampton:

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