Lip Filler in Glasgow

Top Lip Filler Clinics

No need for fear. Lip Filler will give you full lips securely and without surgical procedures!

Lip filler is made up of Hyaluronic acid, which is already in our body. This means that there are no harmful chemicals in Lip Filler.

Top Lip Filler Providers in Glasgow

med beauty

1. M1 Med Beauty Glasgow


Google rating: 4.9/ 5 (121)

Business Description 

With more than 50 Clinics worldwide, M1 Med Beauty Clinic serves the residents of Glasgow. The Clinic offers you treatment by GMC-registered doctors with the best prices in the UK! The Clinic uses a selection of lip fillers, including a range of our premium products from Juvéderm® and Restylane®. And the prices start from £79-£119 for 0,55ml to £99-£229 for 1ml, depending on the product.

sculpt glasgow

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2. Sculpt Aesthetics Clinic


Google rating: 4.8/ 5 (168)

Business Description 

Sculpt Aesthetics Clinic provides 5-star service to the residents of Glasgow. Ashleigh Todd will treat you. She is a specialist in non-surgical treatments and has received training! You’ll see a significant difference and get a fresh and happy look. Sculpt Aesthetics Clinic offers you different types of Lip Fillers, such as Revolax and Teosyal, and the prices start from £180 for 0.7 ml of Teosyal RHA kiss. 

3. Innova Aesthetics


Google rating: 5/ 5 (64).

Business Description 

Innova Aesthetics is based in Glasgow city centre. The clinic got “The Aesthetics Excellent Awards Scotland 2023”! Say hello to glowy and hydrated Lips with Lukas. Innova Aesthetics offers you 1.1 ml, 0.7 ml, and Russian Lip Filler, and the whole process will take almost 30 minutes. Book your Lip Filler treatment online NOW!

4. Dr Darren McKeown


Google rating: 4.8 / 5 (129).

Business Description 

The Dr. Darren McKeown Clinic is just minutes from bustling Buchanan Street in Glasgow—the Clinic Led by Medical Director Dr. Darren McKeown and The Best Aesthetics in Scotland. You’ll get natural, immediate results without pain! Lip Filler pricing vary by processor. The Lip Filler treatment with Dr. Darren starts at £325 for 1 ml.

5. La Belle Forme


Google rating: 4.3 /  5 (69).

Business Description 

The best therapists and doctors await Glasgow residents at La Belle Forme Clinic! From Dr.Sohaib to the nurse Belinda, Everyone is there to serve and welcome you. The Clinic uses the latest Juvederm and Teoxane treatments, which only take 15 to 20 minutes. The results of Lip Filler with La Belle Forme are immediate and typically last around six to twelve months.

6. Ever Clinic


Google rating: 4.6/ 5 (141).

Business Description 

Ever Clinic is an expert and skilled Lip Filler Clinic in Glasgow. The clinic team is qualified and headed by Dr.Cormac Convery, an international expert in aesthetic medicine! Ever Clinic offers you many products to suit the volume you want. Dr. Cormac and Dr. Shaw will discuss the process with you to ensure you achieve optimal results. The price of 1 ml Lip Filler in Ever Clinic is £220.

7. Beautox Clinic


Google rating: 5/ 5 (126).

Business Description 

Beautox Clinic is based in Glasgow. You’ll have the best Lip Filler treatment with Dr.Imran and his team. Before the procedure, Dr.Imran will discuss everything with you, And you will feel as comfortable as at home! The Clinic uses the latest, most advanced treatments and technology. Book your appointment online NOW with Beautox Clinic. 


What things should you avoid after getting Lip Fillers?

  • Don’t drink alcohol after your treatment.
  • Don’t do excessive exercise for the first 24 hours of treatment.
  • Avoid eating foods full of salt because it can cause dehydration.
  • Avoid high temperatures after the first 24 hours of treatment.

Can I eat after Lip Fillers treatment?

Yes, we advise you to eat easy foods to swallow and chew 24 hours after the treatment, and then you can eat freely.

Other Beauty Clinics in Glasgow:

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