Does Philips Lumea Work

Does Philips Lumea Work?

Does Philips Lumea work? Does it remove the hair forever and leave your skin smooth like baby skin? Let’s find out more about Philips Lumea IPL treatment and whether it is suitable for you or not. 

Philips Lumea models use IPL technology. IPL is also known as intense pulsed light technology. It has a broad spectrum of light compared to laser technology. It can penetrate 755nm deep beneath the skin. 755nm wavelength means the IPL is best attracted to the melanin pigment. That’s why IPL is effective in removing unwanted hair. However, it is not suitable for everybody as it depends on the hair colour and skin tone. 

Does Philips Lumea Work?

Yes. it does. Be patient, and you will find a vast difference after finishing 3-4 IPL sessions. The results are gradual over time. You might need more time if you are very hairy. For me, treating my legs took me 4 months. I needed 12 weeks to treat my underarms. I would say the treatment results and duration depend on the skin tone and hair colour, which might vary from one spot to another. 

Is Philips Lumea Good?

Yes, it is really good. However, you have to make sure it is suitable for you before trying. There are many Philips Lumea models on the market, and choosing the right brand might be confusing. Philips is a well-known brand with more than 1 million women using it around the world, that’s why I trusted it. 

So, to choose the right device for your skin tone, this chart shows which skin tones can be treated using Philips Lumea 9000, Lumea Prestige, Lumea Advanced and Lumea Essential. 

If your skin is fair or white all and your hair colour is on the hair colour table, you can use Philips Lumea models safely. However, if your skin is a bit dark or you have dark spots, it is better to choose Philips Lumea 9000 or Lumea Prestige because they are suitable for dark skin tones. If your skin is too dark or colour V, you shouldn’t use Philips Lumea as it won’t work for you. 

If your hair is fair blonde, grey or orange, it won’t absorb the IPL light as these types of hairs don’t contain any melanin pigment. 

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Yes, Philips Lumea does work. It removes hair and is also very effective in treating the appearance of superficial broken capillaries and wrinkles. I hope that this quick guide will help you understand whether or not Philips Lumea is suitable for you or not. Using the Lumea App will help you with tracking your IPL sessions and avoiding messing up your treatment sessions. Try to be disciplined with your IPL treatment as much as possible to get great yield at no time! Your skin is very precious, that’s why it is always essential to choose the best for it. 

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