What to Wear to Laser Hair Removal?

What to Wear to Laser Hair Removal? Do you wear undies? And should to shower before laser treatment? Find out now. 

It might be difficult to find what to wear to laser hair removal. Especially if you are trying laser hair removal at the clinic for the first time. Don’t worry, I got you covered. I will answer all questions related to laser hair removal preparation. 

Choose Wide Clothes 

Search for clothes that are comfortable. To avoid skin irritation after laser hair removal, choose baggy clothes that are not tightened on the skin. Wide clothes will allow your skin to breathe. 

Easy to Access to The Area 

The clothes must leave easy access to the body areas you want to laser hair removed. I would say wearing a buttoned shirt or a zipped sweatshirt is ideal for upper-body laser hair removal. While the skirt is perfect for lower body hair removal at clinics. It would be easier for you to change your position during the treatment without feeling embarrassed. 

Clothes that Prevent Sun Exposure 

Avoid direct sun exposure after laser treatment. It is very important to avoid skin inflammation and skin sensitivity reaction. Your skin is very sensitive to the sun after laser treatment. So, if you are going to the clinic or the salon at AM, wear clothes that cover the area you will treat with the laser to protect your skin. check also: Best moisturiser for acne prone skin in the UK

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I hope you found the right answer to your question. Remember to wear comfortable clothes. If you are thinking about having a shower before going to the clinic, make your shower simple. Avoid scented shower gels and creams as the skin must be pure and free of chemical ingredients before laser hair removal. If you noticed any skin inflammation after your treatment sessions that last for more than 48 hours, contact your doctor. 

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