A woman using Philips Lumea BRI977 on her face for IPL hair removal at home

Can Philips Lumea Cause Cancer?

Can Philips Lumea cause cancer? Philips Lumea is one of the most popular IPL devices in the market. The increased risk of cancer has not been studied.

Philips Lumea is a popular device for IPL hair removal at home for both women and men. The fact is that the risk associated with Philips Lumea is relatively minimal, and those risks only apply to certain particular circumstances.

Can Philips Lumea Cause Cancer?

No. It’s very unlikely to get cancer from Philips Lumea and IPL devices. It is a myth that is very common. The fact is that there haven’t been any studies or medical evidence that IPL treatment can cause cancer.

IPL treatment is superficial, and no bodily organs in the body are affected directly or indirectly by the light used. The IPL light only reaches the uppermost layer of the skin.  Besides, the light used doesn’t reach underneath the skin.

“The existing evidence base of over 25 years of laser and IPL use to date has not raised any concerns regarding its long-term safety with only a few anecdotal cases of melanoma post-treatment over two decades of use; therefore, there is no evidence to suggest that there is a credible cancer risk. Although laser and IPL technology have not been known to cause skin cancer, this does not mean that laser and IPL therapies are without long-term risks.” you can read the complete study here.

What is the IPL Procedure?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is used to remove hair. The light burns the roots of the hair, putting the hair into the anagen phase. Over time, it inhibits the hair growth cycle. The Philips Lumea device is very gentle on the skin, and it is totally painless.

Are IPL and Laser Hair Removal Safe to Use At Home?

In short, yes. Using IPL and laser hair removal devices designed to be used at home is generally considered safe. Some IPL devices are FDA-approved, too. However, you shouldn’t use IPL or laser treatments on darker skin tones, moles and open wounds. Make sure you read the instructions and precautions very carefully to avoid skin irritation. At the same time, professional laser hair removal can’t be used at home, and a qualified doctor must perform it because the laser used at the clinic is more intense on the skin.

Other FAQs related to Philips Lumea


The short answer is no. IPL and laser hair removal devices don’t cause cancer. They are generally considered safe. Besides, the IPL light in Philips Lumea is gentler than the light used at clinics. Follow the instructions in the user manual carefully to avoid skin irritation.

It’s a good idea to research the IPL/Laser machine that will be used on you and ensure that it is Health Canada and/or FDA-approved to ensure your treatment is safe and reliable. For more information about Lumea models, check my Philips Lumea Advanced Models Review.

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