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7 Benefits of Eye Massage for Eye & Overall Health

Gentle eye massage has many benefits to your health, from reducing eye pain to improving circulation and lubrication in the eye. Some studies even show that massaging your eyes regularly may stop or lower your chance of glaucoma and other major eye diseases that lead to vision loss.

This ancient practice, rooted in traditional Asian medicine, combines the healing power of touch with gentle pressure on specific acupressure points around the eyes. Having a professional eye massage or doing self-massage techniques has many benefits, including 

1. Reduce Eye Stain 

When you massage the area around your eyes, you give them a break and help nourish the tissues around the eye. It also helps increase the blood flow to this area and keeps your eyes moisturised. There are many causes of eye stains, such as wearing the wrong eyeglass prescriptions, extensive reading, not getting enough sleep and many other reasons that make the eyes tired. 

2. Relieve Dry Eye 

Dry eye may cause the eyes discomfort and become itchy and red. Gently massaging the eyes stimulates tear production and improves eye lubrication. It also improves the blood circulation by enhancing the oxygen and nutrient delivery to the eye area. It doesn’t only relieve dry eye but also aids in overall eye health. However, if you have chronic or severe dry eye, you should consult an ophthalmologist, as you may need prescription medications. 

3. Reduce Stress in Daily Life

A daily eye massage routine offers an opportunity for relaxation and stress reduction. Eye massage reduces muscle tension and improves blood circulation in the eye area. Incorporating eye massage into our daily lives encourages us to pause, unwind, and focus on self-care for a few minutes in our busy routines. You can massage your eyes as a brief break from work or as a part of your evening relation routine before sleeping. 

4. Eye Relaxation 

The modern lifestyle puts great pressure on our eyes. If you work with digital screens like laptops, your eyes adapt to different contras and brightness up to 30,000 times a day. Taking two minutes to do eye exercises will help you to concentrate better and improve overall health. 

5. Enhanced Blood Circulation

Close your eyes and rub your middle finger around your eyes and down to the bridge of your nose. Do it eight to ten times. This might help increase the blood flow, giving more oxygen and nutrients to the red blood cells around your eyes. In cases of eye strain or minor injuries, increased blood circulation accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. This may result in quicker recovery from minor eye issues. Eye massagers with heat can help to soothe tired and strained eyes and improve blood circulation. 

6. Eye Massage Reduces Headaches

There are many studies about the effect of eye massage on reducing headaches. One study showed that massage therapy was effective on a Patient with Migraines and Cervical Spondylosis, but it had no significant impact on daily function.  It relieves tension in the eye and temple muscles. Eye massage might help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches. 

7. Reduces Dark Circles 

While having enough sleep and resting will make your dark circles disappear, massaging your eye for 30 seconds will brighten your eye sacks up. Based on the theory of lamp drainage for your eyes, gently tap around your eyes with your index and middle fingers. Tapping increases blood flow to the eyes. You can also tap your eyebrows and then inward to your cheekbones toward the bridge of your nose. Tap this area 3 times gently. You can do these exercises as many times as you need during your day. Under-eye patches are also great for relieving puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. 


How often should you massage your eyes?

You can massage your eyes as many times as you want during the day without a problem. Doing eye massage at least once – or a few times – daily reduces eye stains, relieves stress, increases blood circulation to the eyes and has many other benefits to your overall health. 

Where is the pressure point for the eyes?

The Zan Zhu Point is the pressure point near the eyes. It is located along the inner eye area next to the nose. It can be used to relieve eye stains, headaches, eye injury, eye redness and excess tear production. 

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